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What Happens When You Do Not Clean Your Roof?

The residential or commercial roof on your building takes a beating from Mother Nature day after day. The outside elements combined can cause deterioration as well as long term damage to the entire roofing system. This is why you should have your roof cleaned on a regular basis in order to remove the dirt grime and harmful substances that compound on your roof and weaken it over time.

Mold and Algae

Where there’s moisture on or in your roof, you can be that there’s mold. Both mold and algae develop in areas of the roof where there is low sunlight and a concentration of standing water, humidity, or condensation. Mold both feeds off of water and creates additional moisture so that more mold can grow. Algae and lichens also thrive in moisture and can cause an equal amount of damage to the framework.

Mold attaches itself to the wood and causes it to corrode. This can weaken your roofs framework or decking and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs or total roof replacement. A regular washing with the right treatment can keep the mold from developing on the roof while preserving the integrity of the entire roofing system.

The Gutters

Gutters are an integral part of your roofing system. They channel water away from the base of the building to reduce flooding, standing water or splash stains along the foundation wall. Whether you own a business or a home, you should have your gutters cleaned 1-2 times a year. If the roof is near tall trees, then cleaning the gutters 3-4 times per year is preferable. By cleaning the gutters, you’ll keep leaves, branches, and other debris from building inside the gutter system.

When you don’t clean the gutters, the debris builds up inside the gutter channels. When the water has nowhere to go, it will spill over the side and fall directly around the base of the building. The foundation of the building can suffer from flooding or puddles.


Since your roof is exposed to the outside, then it will naturally attract insects, birds, and other animals that are looking to make a home there. If the roof is not cleaned, then ants and termites can infest the roof and weaken the wood components. You may also find birds nesting or rodents such as rats who have burrowed inside the system. All of these creatures are harmful to a roof. A regular roof cleaning will help contractors identify areas where animals are likely to make their home. They can provide helpful solutions for removing these pests from the roof so that they will not harm the roofing system.

Curb Appeal

The roof is an integral part of the overall design of your home or commercial building. Thus, if it is not clean it will lose its aesthetic appearance. Regardless of how well the rest of the building is maintained, an ugly roof still tarnishes the overall exterior. If you decide to resell the building in the future, you may lose the interest of potential buyers.

A simple cleaning 2-4 times a year can ensure that the roof looks amazing along with the rest of the property. You will be able to maintain the value of your home in both the looks and the strength of the structure.

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