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Roof Talk: Replace or Restore?

Your roof has seen better days. It looks discolored and ugly with possible hail or insect damage, and patches of moss have taken root up there. You would like to improve the appearance of your roof to improve your property’s curb appeal. Should you have the roof restored or should you replace the whole thing?

You Will Spend A Lot Less Money to Restore

Replacing a roof costs a lot more money in materials and labor than restoration. Replacing a roof involves tearing off all the old shingles and underlayment and using new construction material to replace the roof on the structure. You will need to rent a big dumpster to dispose of all the debris. However, a few missing shingles, flashing, or other types of minor damage can be simple to fix, and after the roof cleaning, it will look new again at a much lower price than replacement.  

Restoration Extends the Life of Your Roof

Restoration will prolong the life of your roof and increase your property’s curb appeal with a much more affordable price tag than having a replacement done.

Cleaning a Roof Will Solve Many Problems

Dark stains on a roof impair the ability of shingles to reflect sunlight, and they will absorb heat instead. When the roof absorbs more solar heat, this heat gain will transfer to the interior of the home or business. The excess heat inside the building puts a greater strain on the HVAC system, making it work harder and increasing energy costs. Cleaning the roof will not only extend the life of the roof, but it will also help cool down the interior and extend the life of the HVAC system as well.

Beacon’s Cleaning Process

Pressure washing and chemical cleaning are the two types of methods used to clean a dirty, stained roof. Used primarily for the cleaning of metal and concrete roofs, pressure washing involves using pressurized water spray to remove dirt, stains, algae, and moss from a roof. Pressure washing can be very effective in cleaning, but the strong spray will damage an asphalt roof.

Chemical washing, or soft washing, use special chemicals to clean a shingle roof of grime, moss, and stains. This type of roof cleaning should only be performed by a licensed and insured professional that fully understands the process and knows how to use chemicals that will not damage the roofing material, the surrounding lawn, or other landscape plants.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Roofs take a beating from blazing sunlight, high winds, and pouring rain and should be professionally inspected at least once a year. An annual inspection will guarantee your roof to remain problem-free and in good condition. A Beacon Roof professional can spot any potential problems that aren’t visible from the ground and recommend needed repairs.

Working from an extensive checklist, one of our Beacon Roof professionals will examine every surface of your roof for damage or other problems.

Our Inspections Include:

  • The general condition of roofing material and any curling, loose, or damaged shingles. Also, your roofing expert will look for bare shingles that have lost most of the granules and any signs of animal nesting and damage or insect infestation.
  • The condition of the exterior roof structure for water stains or the presence of moisture, wood damage or rotting of the fascia or soffit, leaky or missing flashing, and clogged gutters.
  • The condition of roof interior for water stains or the presence of moisture that indicate leaks in the roof.
  • Inside the attic for the presence of mold, mildew, or dry rot of the roof structure. Any sign of damage by nesting animals or birds, insect infestation, and leaks around existing windows. The presence of mold in an attic can be a hazardous health threat for the inhabitants of the building and should be remedied by a professional as soon as possible.

Give Us a Call Today

You can trust your Beacon professional to inspect and honestly evaluate your roof’s condition. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are some of the most knowledgeable in the business and are capable of solving any roof problem.

Call us today at 321-507-4851 or 772-267-6804 for more information on how you can improve the appearance and performance of your roof.


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