5 Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Home

5 Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Home

The amount of natural sunlight you receive has a direct impact on your day and on your health. Many buildings exclusively use artificial lighting which, in addition to giving the occupants headaches, can have a negative effect on their mood throughout the day. Finding ways to have natural sunlight infiltrate your home can make you happier and can make your home a much more pleasant environment. Here are some ways that you can increase the amount of natural light in your home.

Add a Skylight

The best way to add sunlight directly into your house is from above. A skylight can be put into almost any room and will allow the sunlight to shine right through the roof and into the room. Advancements in skylights in recent years allow for skylights to be much sleeker, leak proof, and much easier to install than they were in the past. This means that the skylight will fit well in any room and will ensure that you do not have any issues with water leaks in the room. This is probably the best way to add sunlight to your home.

Have a Professional Window Cleaning

Over time, the windows of you home will collect dirt and grime which can leave streaks on your windows. While much of your windows will still be open to allowing sunlight in, the dirt and grime that collects on your windows will restrict the amount of sunlight that will shine through the window. A professional window cleaning will not only remove these streaks from your windows, but will ensure that these streaks do not return to your windows.

Have a Professional Window Tinting

One of the biggest problems people have with windows is that, while they like the amount of sunlight the enters the home, it becomes too bright and provides too much glare. However, there is a fix to this that does not include getting rid of windows or the amount of sunlight. Having your windows professionally tinted will make it so that the sun shining through the windows is not too bright and will significantly reduce the amount of glare coming through the windows. But, while the windows will be tinted, you will still get that natural light that you desire coming through the windows.

Place Windows in Less Traditional Places

Certain rooms in your home like the bedroom, living room, or family room, is likely to already have plenty of windows. However, there are many rooms in your home that probably do not have many windows, if they have any at all. These can include the kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms. A good way to let more sunlight into your home to brighten your day would be to find way that you can add natural light into these parts of your home. Wouldn’t it be better to take a shower in the morning with the sun gleaming right in through a window or to spend time cooking in the kitchen without getting a headache from artificial lighting?

Consider Sun Tubes or Tunnels

There are certain areas of a home, mainly in the middle, where it can be difficult to get natural sunlight in. One option for these areas is to put in a skylight, but sometimes there are reasons why you cannot put a skylight in a specific area, such as there not being enough space. In these situations, a sun tube might be the right option to have more sunlight fill the space.

Studies have shown that exposure to natural sunlight can have a significant impact on your mood and on your health. A good way to make the atmosphere in your home more relaxed and welcoming is to restrict the amount of artificial light in your home and replace that with natural light. There are several ways that you can expand the amount of natural light in your home. Some of these include putting windows in places that typically do not receive as much natural light, adding a skylight or sun tubes, and having your windows professionally cleaned and tinted. If you are looking to use window cleaning and window tinting to improve the sunlight exposure in your home, call on the professionals at Beacon Roof Cleaning.


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